FAQ BIZone Pack

FAQ (1/4) Product & Pricing

1. What is the BIZone pack and why should I sign up this pack?

The new BIZone pack provide best entertainment viewing experiences powered by live sport with fair pricing based on your business type & size. Customers have only one simple pack to choose by self-declaring their business type & size. For more info, please contact us now.  

2. What are the differences between the new BIZone pack and the old pack?

BIZone is the latest commercial offering that provide best experience powered by live sport with fair pricing based on your business type & size. The pack comes with full sports channels & variety channels to keep your customers entertain.  To know more on this new pack, please contact us now.  

3. Why is the new BIZone pack is more expensive than the old pack?

BIZone is an all-new, simplified single pack for food and beverage (F&B) outlets. BIZone provides a full suite of live sports coverage, as well as entertainment content. The new pack boasts 15 sports channels, 25 non-sports channels and offers fair and transparent pricing depending on different types of businesses and seating capacity.  With BIZone, all F&B outlets can offer 100% legal, high quality, full live sports coverage on their premises. Customers would not miss out on any exciting live sports moments and will be able to cater to a wider range of patrons, more of the time. Also, we understand the nature of businesses today, and that’s why we made it easier for customers with by halving contract periods to 12 months, from 24 months in previous packages.  

4. I don’t understand your pricing structure, please explain?

We standardize our packages by offering all channels under BIZone but at different pricing to cater different type of businesses and size. If your line of business doesn’t have a bar or pub facility, you may follow the pricing under the “Others” segment. Otherwise, you may follow the pricing under Entertainment Outlet segment Please refer to the pricing structure below:

Price above do not include SST.

* Entertainment Outlets - discotheque/ nightclub/ KTV lounge/ karaoke/ lounge/ pub/ bar/ bistro/ beer garden/ multi-entertainment outlet/ restaurant (with pub/ bar facility).
** Entertainment Outlets with RM2,000 fee will enjoy 2 additional sports channels (Golf & Premier Sports) and 2 additional decoders for a wider space coverage.

5. I don’t agree with your monthly fee and rate calculation.

Please be informed that we are standardizing our commercial offering with same content for all F&B outlets but with different pricing based on business type and seating capacity, i.e. the number of persons who are viewing Astro content. We believe this is the best pack for commercial establishments based on feedback from majority of our CE customers.  

6. How do you differentiate my business under Entertainment Outlet or Others?  

Entertainment outlet will include Discotheque/Nightclub/KTV Lounge /Karaoke /Lounge /Pub /Bar/Bistro/Beer Garden/Multi Entertainment outlet/Restaurant (With Pub or Bar Facility). Those not included in this list will be deemed as Others.   7. Why there are price differences between business with Entertainment Outlet & Others?  Astro’s premium content, i.e., live sports entice repeated or new patrons to spend longer time at entertainment outlet. According to Kantar Survey 2023, during sport events, footfall in bars and pubs grow by 50% while for non-bars, bistro and pubs F&B outlets, the impact is even greater at 58%.  

8. Why am I being subjected to claw back on different fees paid between self-declared and audited?

Service registration is made easy with self-declaration and endorsement for AstroBIZ to perform audit from time to time. During an audit process, if there’s a discrepancy of under-declare, we will request payment for fee difference. You may refer to the T&Cs via this here

FAQ (2/4) Registration

1. I like your new package. How can I make the subscribe to the new pack?

Thank you for your interest. We are happy to make the change of plan for you, please drop your interest here to start your new experience.  

2. How do I perform self-declaration on business type and seating capacity?

Fill in the self-declaration fields on the application form and agree with the term & conditions.  

3. Why do I need to self-declare to Astro on my business capacity and subjected to be audited on my self-declaration?

Self-declare is required during your registration to capture the required information and streamline entire registration process and refrain from any delay of services extended to you. Audit is a follow up process after self-declaration to validate the information submit during registration. This is to ensure a fair pricing to all businesses who applied for Astro services and enjoy the same key contents.    

4. My business premise only has one additional seat from your defined minimum seating capacity Do I still need to make declaration for the additional seat during registration?

Yes. This is necessary to accurately capture the seating capacity of your outlet.  

5. I’m having special event for one night with additional seating capacity, can it be excluded for additional charge?

Yes. there will be no additional charges even though there is a special event with additional capacity, but subject to audit.    

6. What if my business moves to new address and smaller capacity or vice versa?

Yes. You would be required to submit information on your new address and declare the seating capacity of your new premise.  

7. As owner of the business, I didn’t authorize for this subscription as the consents from my manager.

Any registration with Astro requires validation of documents with signatories from owners as well as copy on certificate of identity (NRIC or Passport). Both implies the consent from owner on the registration of Astro services.  

8. Is there any contract or upfront payment when I sign up for BIZone Pack?  

Yes, every new subscription comes with a 12-month contract and requires a one-month security deposit.  

FAQ (3/5) Registration

1. I am operating café and selling alcoholic beverages. Which segment do my business falls under?  

If your setup involved a pub or bar facility, it will be categorized as Entertainment Outlet.  

2. I am adding capacity during selected weekend. Can my business be excluded from additional capacity?

No. If this is part of your schedule arrangement, the additional capacity will need to be factored during registration, and subject to be audited.  

3. I am changing the seating capacity of my outlet. Would it affect my contract period?  

No. Changing of seating capacity will not affect your contract period and subject to be audited. However, if there’s a change in your segment, the contract period will be refreshed.  

4. How do I decide how much security deposit needed during registration?  

It will be your monthly commitment (i.e. segment price + extra capacity).    

FAQ (4/5) Existing Legacy Customer

1. If I prefer my current plan, can I remain with the existing pack or will I be re-contracted?

Yes, you may remain with your current package with or without contract. However, the new package has more benefits, i.e. full live sports coverage for your customers.

2. I am interested to convert my existing plan to BIZone but I am having 4 multiroom now. What should I do?  

Based on your business segment, you may subscribe to BIZone with 2 or 4 multiroom. If you require an additional decoder, you may opt for additional multiroom at RM300/RM500 based on business segment.    

3. My account under suspension mode with existing plan, can I reconnect back my previous subscription rather than new plan?  

Unfortunately, once you had suspended your old plan, you may need to reconnect with the new plan with a new registration.  

4. I’m an existing AstroBIZ customer, do I still need to pay deposit if I switch to the new BIZone pack?

Yes, you are required to pay one-month security deposit when you switch to the new BIZone pack. However, if you have paid a security deposit with your existing subscriptions, this security deposit amount will then be adjusted/top up/brought forward to this new plan accordingly.  

5. How much penalty if I want to terminate my subscription before the contract expires?  

Standard penalty charges are [(Remaining month of contract x Monthly subscription fees) + subsidy amount (if you have utilized)]. The final penalty charges will be charged to your account.  

FAQ (5/5) BIZone Customer

1. Can I change my pack or change my channel selection during my subscription contract period? Will I be charged?

While servicing your contract period, you can upgrade your subscription for free. However, you may write in with justification for downgrading request which is subjected to our discretion.  

Please contact us to upgrade:

• Email at [email protected], or

• Call to 03-95447566

2. Can the I use any of my AstroBIZ package to do public viewing? Or charge my customers any fees to view contents from any of the channels in my subscribed package?

No, this is strictly prohibited. The use of AstroBIZ service is only within the premise of the subscribed outlet/shop. Business customers are not allowed to charge/resell the broadcast or content for any fees. The specific T&C related to this is stated in the here  

3. How much penalty if I want to terminate my subscription before the contract expires?  

Standard penalty charges are:  [(Remaining month of contract x Monthly subscription fees) + subsidy amount (if you have utilized)].  The final penalty charges will be charged to your account.  

4. If I want to suspend my BIZone pack, can I reconnect back?

Will my contract period be extended? Yes, however there will a chargeable administrative fee to reconnect your service here. Upon reactivation, your contract period will be extended to cover the laps period accordingly.  

5. How will I be audited?  

We will assign a party to audit all our customers from time to time to ensure fair pricing is applied and to ensure all customers received the best experience and service.  

6. If I have been found under-declaration of seating/person capacity, what is the next course of action?

In this arises, there will be a request to pay the difference in fees payable.  

[(Actual amount - current monthly amount) x # of month(s) since activated].

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