BizOne Watch Party

🎉 AstroBIZ Watch Party Contest: Be the Ultimate Host! 🎉

Calling all CE customers who’ve embraced the BizOne pack—your chance to shine is here! 🌟

AstroBIZ invites you to be the star host of our exclusive CE Watch Party. 📺🍿

Why should you participate?

  • Astro Live Sports Branding: This watch party is a key part of our branding and awareness initiatives, specifically tailored for CE customers.
  • AstroBIZ Presence: By hosting, you’ll reinforce the AstroBIZ brand and leave an indelible mark on your guests.
  • Customer Confidence: Boost confidence in the AstroBIZ brand—because nothing says trust like a fabulous watch party!

Program Details:

  • Target Segment: We’re rolling out the red carpet for F&B outlets. If you’re in the food and beverage game, this is your moment!
  • Duration: From approximately June 24 to August 24—that’s 3 months of star-studded fun!

Behind the Scenes:

  • Our Marketing maestros will work their magic internally to make this party unforgettable.
  • The Event Organizer (EO) will be your backstage crew, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • You’re in if you’re a CE customer who signed up for the BizOne package.
  • Your outlet? It should be nestled in the Central, Northern, or Southern region.

🎁 Prizes Await: Get ready to dazzle your guests and win hearts! 🎁

So, CE superstars, gear up! 🚀 Your watch party awaits—lights, camera, go! 🎬🌟

All T&C:

  1. Watch party T&C
  2. Astro Standard Content T&C
  3. Astro Privacy Notice

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