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Feel the Hype!

Join us here & experience being part of our AstroBIZ Partner


Keep Roaring Malaysia!

Don't miss our warrior actions at Hangzhou just from your favorite eatery seat in Malaysia.


Get ready for the Rugby World Cup 2023!

Don't miss the ultimate touchdown & get the Rugby pass now!


Liga Premier Kini Kembali!

Pastikan pelanggan anda tidak terlepas aksi menarik kali ini.


Demi Liga Kita!

Dapatkan Penyiaran Ekslusif Liga Malaysia Secara PERCUMA dengan Auto-Debit


Mengapa bayar lebih untuk berhibur?

Dapatkan WiFi Kencang & Siaran Hebat dalam satu harga!

Why AstroBIZ?

AstroBIZ takes care of your in-store entertainment so you can focus on running your business. We’ve also designed a set of sale and marketing tools to help you drive customer visits and increase revenue.

User selects from a variety of package options

Flexible Packages

The freedom to easily customise your subscription channels

Graph showing increasing business performance

Business Booster

Marketing tools & in-store branding support to give your business a boost

Certificate of authenticity and legitimacy

100% Legal

Operate your business with peace-of-mind with fully-certified entertainment

Select your business type

AstroBIZ caters to a variety of businesses offering you to customize your subscription from a wide range of international & local original content to exclusive LIVE sporting events, all in 4K UHD or FULL HD.

Crowd at a bar or restaurant having fun cheering during a football match on Astro TV


Designed for the entertainment needs of commercial premises like restaurants, pubs & bars, offices and business centres

Couple enjoying entertainment on Astro TV while in a hotel room while eating breakfast


Specially crafted for accommodation-based establishments such as hotels, confinement centres, and healthcare facilities

What's New

Check out our latest events & promotions, and our specially curated resources for your business to thrive.

PDRM, MCMC, KPDNHEP and Astro are all together now in this battle against content piracy and illegal streaming. Join us and say Tak Nak Strim Haram!


Liga Malaysia Super League game on with games, freebies, cheerleading performance and football legends.


Now you will no longer miss the payment and you can enjoy Liga Malaysia pass for FREE when you register for auto-debit.


Liga Malaysia game on with games, freebies & cheerleading performance with Sabahan crowd.


Client testimonials

"I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Astro for the support and services rendered for us. We would like to thank you again and look forward to working with you for the years to come."

"We appreciate the goodwill support of reduction in service subscriptions or suspension of service offered to our hotel during the MCO period. It helped a lot. Thank you."

"Astro provided satisfactory service during the movement control order, Astro had carried out a partial account suspension while a great deal helped especially during the severely affected hospitality business."