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AstroBIZ Flexi Packages are designed to give businesses an edge over their competition with competitive prices and a wide choice of channels, together with exceptional customer support.
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Why AstroBIZ?

Astro Business delivers 1080p High Definition entertainment

4K UHD Resolution

Crystal clear broadcast to maximize your customer viewing experience

The best shows and movies from all over the world

Programme Variety

Reach a wider customer base with local originals & international news

The world’s most popular live events are available on Astro

Exclusive Live HD Events

Boost your outlet’s popularity with world-class sports events

Select your perfect pack

With AstroBIZ enhanced Flexi Packs, you’ll get the flexibility to choose the combination of channels that best suit your business and customers. All our packs come bundled with 10 Starter Channels to get you started. To learn more about our Flexi Pack channel lineup, call us at +603 9544 7566 for more info.

The most popular pack including all major sporting events and leagues at a great price

Elite Pack

A fantastic balance of value and content variety. FREE RM1,900 Go Shop voucher and 2 Multiroom box.

RM1159.00 / mth
A variety of favourite channels including premium channels that will cater to all customer segments

VIP Pack

Get wider selection for value and content by subscribing our new VIP pack. FREE RM3,000 Go Shop voucher and 4 Multiroom box.

RM1,959.00 / mth
The best premium channels for the most discerning business owners that will provide the best customer entertainment

VIP Plus Pack

Get the widest selection of contents with the highest value by subscribing VIP Plus . FREE RM5,800 Go Shop voucher and 7 Multiroom box.

RM2,959.00 / mth

Get Add-On Combos for even more value

We've packages our favourite sports into combos for even more savings. This gives businesses the flexibility to cater to customer entertainment demands at an attractive price.

Customers enjoying Astro on multiple televisions at difference places around the business

Enjoy Astro on multiple screens for FREE!

Need to show different channels on multiple TVs? Get FREE Multiroom boxes when you upgrade to our Elite Packs.
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We are here to serve every need, budget, and target audience. Let's get in touch and help you decide on a solution that works best for your business. For After Sales Support, you may reach us via email [email protected] or call us at +603-9544 7566.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I’m an existing AstroBIZ customer, do I still need to pay deposit if I switch to the new Commercial Flexi 2.0 packs?


How much penalty if I want to terminate my subscription before the contract expires?


When will I receive the Astro Go Shop voucher and how can I redeem it?