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Introduction video on what is Astro SINI, how it works, and how its beneficial to businesses and customers

Enhance AstroBIZ with Astro SINI

Astro SINI is an easy solution to keep your customers entertained. Your customers get to enjoy Astro content on their personal devices at your business outlet without using mobile data or your internet bandwidth.

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An affordable solution to entertain your customers

We’ve designed Astro SINI to grow with you. A starter kit can serve 50 users and can be easily upgraded to handle up to 500 users at the same time.

Astro SINI can serve up to 500 concurrent connections which means its readily scalable to even large facilities and locations
20 entertainment channels instantly viewed without profile registration means fast and easy access for all users

Innovative app viewing experience  

We have hours of entertainment from a wide selection of 20 Astro channels on the Astro SINI app, without the need for any registration or sign-in. It’s so easy!

Who is Astro SINI for?

Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurants & Cafes

Hotels & Hospitals

Hotels & Hospitals

Lounges & Clubs

Lounges & Clubs

Service Centres

Service Centres

How Astro SINI works

Astro SINI works with a direct Wi-Fi connection. No mobile data is required for viewing

Step 1

Get customers connected to your business Wi-Fi network

Download the Astro SINI app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Step 2

Download Astro SINI app on their mobile or tablet from the app store

Users can start watching Astro immediately without any profile registration or sign up

Step 3

Launch the Astro SINI app to watch Astro, no login required!

Add-on Astro SINI for RM40. Limited Time Offer!

Don’t miss our introductory promotion with discounts of up to 66%! For current AstroBIZ subscribers, simply get in touch with us below. If you’re a new customer, get started with our Commercial Packages or Hospitality Packages.

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Get started with Astro SINI for a limited time introductory price of RM40 per month

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