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Enhance Your Astro Business Package with Astro SINI

Enhance Your Astro Business Package with Astro SINI

Astro SINI is an easy solution to keep your customers entertained. With Astro SINI, your customers get to enjoy Astro content on their personal devices at your business outlet without using mobile data or your internet bandwidth.

An Affordable Add-On Solution for Your Business

An Affordable Add-On Solution for Your Business

We’ve designed Astro SINI to grow with you. A starter kit can serve 50 users and can be easily upgraded to handle up to 500 users at the same time.

Variety and Convenience for Your Customers

Variety and Convenience for Your Customers

We have hours of entertainment from a wide selection of 20 Astro channels on the Astro SINI app, without the need for any registration step. It’s so easy!

Who is Astro SINI for?

Astro SINI is designed for businesses who are looking to improve their retail experience and improve sales performance.
Restaurants & Cafes
Restaurants & Cafes
Hotels & Hospitals
Hotels & Hospitals
Lounges & Clubs
Lounges & Clubs
Service Centres
Service Centres

How Astro SINI works?



Get your customers connected to your business Wi-Fi


Download Astro SINI app on their mobile or tablet


Launch app to watch Astro, no login required
Add-on Astro SINI for RM40. Limited Time Offer!

Add-on Astro SINI for RM40. Limited Time Offer!

Don’t miss our introductory promotion with discounts of up to 66%! For current Astro Business subscribers, simply get in touch with us below, or if you’re new to Astro Business, find out more about our new Commercial Packages or Hotel Packages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Astro Sini?

Astro Sini is an application available for iOS and Android mobile devices to enjoy a wide-range of world class quality content provided by Astro. It utilises a satellite feed to deliver content despite being a mobile application thus eliminate buffering and loading challenges faced by end-users compared to streaming over the internet that consumes bandwidth.

What is the difference between Astro Sini and Astro Go?

Astro Sini uses a satellite to carry the content feed while Astro Go is purely an internet streaming service that consumes bandwidth to carry the content feed.‍

There will be no catch-up feature or ability to download offline for now.

Who can sign-up for Astro Sini and how much does it cost?

Astro Sini is available as an add-on to all active Commercial Establishment (CE) customers regardless of the subscribed packs. As for active Hotel/Hospital customers, you are required to have a minimum of RM50/room/month ARPU to be eligible to subscribe to Astro Sini.

‍Astro Sini is priced at RM120 per month and RM50 per additional gateway box.

How am I billed for Astro Sini?

Your Astro Sini charges will be billed alongside your Astro Business subscription.

What channels are available in the Astro SINI package?

Currently there is only one (1) package for Astro Sini which consists of 20 channels as listed below. The channel listing is subject to change - kindly visit for the latest information.

  1. Astro Citra HD
  2. Astro Ria HD
  3. Astro AEC HD
  4. Astro Shuang Xing HD
  5. Astro Quan Jia HD
  6. Astro Vaanavil HD
  7. Astro Vellithirai SD
  8. Astro Awani SD
  9. Astro Ceria HD
  10. Astro Arena HD
  1. Astro Supersport HD
  2. Astro Supersport 3 HD
  3. Astro Supersport 2 HD
  4. Astro Supersport 4 HD
  5. EGG Network HD
  6. Astro Oasis HD
  7. Astro Xiao Tai Yang HD
  8. Astro Cricket HD
  9. Astro Vinmeen HD
  10. Astro Warna HD
Does Astro SINI subscription come with contract and what are the contractual obligations?

Astro Sini comes with 24 months contract period, penalty will be imposed on the remaining months left times total Astro Sini ARPU.  All equipment need to be return to Astro upon termination.

How many users can use Astro Sini at a time?

One (1) Astro Sini gateway box can support up to 50 concurrent users at one time. If you require additional capacity, additional Astro SINI gateway boxes are available at RM50/month/box.

‍One (1) Astro Business account can subscribe up to 10 Astro SINI gateway boxes, which means a total of 500 concurrent users.

My outlet does not have any LAN network to provide WiFi service, would Astro provide it?

Astro will only provide the ODU, SAT cable & gateway. Subscribers need to ensure their outlet is equipped with a LAN network and routers/access-points before Astro Sini installation can begin.

What should I do if my customers are having trouble watching Astro Sini?

You may advice your customer to reboot their app by closing it completely and re-opening the app.

  1. If problem persists, check the gateway box given to see it’s working.
  2. If problem persists,  escalate it to Astro directly. Call us at 1300-82-0028.
What if the user disconnects from the business Wi-Fi and switches to their personal mobile data?

If a device disconnects from the business Wi-Fi connection, Astro Sini will cease streaming to the device. Astro is not be liable for any loss of Wi-Fi service.

Does Astro Sini require internet bandwidth from my business Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, Astro Sini will require a minimum of 10Mbps internet connectivity for authentication purposes. However, the streaming of content will be coming from Astro satellite feed and will not be use your Wi-Fi internet bandwidth.

Can I project or multicast my Astro Sini app to a big screen i.e. Projector/Television?

No, Astro Sini will not allow any multicast / projection / screenshot to another device or screen.